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I liked the shirt that a received, but I only received one of my two orders..

Totally happy

Good product, great communication!!

Very satisfied

I really like the design of these creations. In addition the clothes are quality

Very nice

Comfy, good looking and heavily smart socks just like papa Socrates

Nice shirt

It’s a nice shirt with a good quality

Definition of Weltschmerz


Coffee with Soren

The membres of the staff qith whom I exchange e-mails when I placed my order were very kind and helpful. I did receive the mugs on time and I will (already had) tell my friends about The Philosopher's shirt. Merci beaucoup! Eric, Montréal, Québec (Canada)

Forever is a Long While

My father was aghast as each of his children read and favored Jung over Freud
I smile as I suck the brew from the mug


Keine Probleme, gerne wieder.

Love It

Timely delivery of a good quality shirt. The image raises so many comments. Recommend.

Inkompetenzkompensationskompetenz <br><br>Unisex Premium T-Shirt

Don't Kiss Me - I'm a Misanthrope - Nietzsche Unisex Basic T-Shirt

Supers produits...

Produit correspondant à la commande

Pas de remarque particuliere

Existential Crisis Club - Lifetime Member Unisex Organic T-Shirt
The perfect gift

If you are a philosopher (or just a poser, doesn’t matter) and like to philosophize with friends on a glass of wine, a little sarcasm goes a long way. Telling your ever-in-a crisis (aka drama queen) friend you love them no matter what is the definition of unconditional friendship. Great products, thanks for your smart ideas, love them all!

Great mug!

We keep him

Final, we want to keep the product thanks

Amazing quality. Best poster I've ever seen by far!

Amazing sweather!

Introverts unite! <br><br>Unisex Basic T-Shirt

Good quality nice fit

The print looks good so far, shirt fit well, delivery was good

Make Orwell Fiction Again Recon Eye <br><br>Unisex Basic T-Shirt

Heidegger - I'm Sorry Women's T-Shirt

Heidegger - I'm Sorry <br><br>Women's T-Shirt

Camus - Sisyphus Finally Quit <br><br>Mug